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Attendance Tracker

This form is to be used anytime there is a softball activity taking place within your association.  This includes meetings, practices, skill development clinics/camps, games, coaching clinics, umpire clinics, field clean up.  

Any and all activities must have ALL attendees tracked.  This is a requirement of the BC Ministry of Health and a requirement of sanctioning by Softball BC.


This form MUST be returned to Christine St. Denis and must be emailed before noon the following day.

Christine St. Denis


Each family is committed to volunteering 4 hours throughout the year (September to August) otherwise the volunteer commitment cheque of $150 which was written in the off season with a post-dated date of June 30th, 2019 will be cashed in July.  There are many opportunities to volunteer in these great organizations. 


Uniforms are not supplied by the association, must be purchased by the team or individual players.

Field Maintenance

We rely on teams to rake and set up prior then rake and clean up after each league game.  

If, at anytime, you find that something is broken, not there or running low to please email out Field Equipment Coordinators.

As a suggestion set up 2 families from the team on a rotation to set up and clean up for each game as many hands make light work.


Concussion Awareness Tool

Concussions are the most common form of head injury caused by an impact or forceful motion of the head or other part of the body, resulting in rapid movement of the brain within the skull. A concussion can happen to anyone at any time. Common causes include falls, motor vehicle crashes, and sports and recreational activities.