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Home based Softball training program being offered by 360 Elite Training

By Webmaster, 03/29/20, 10:00PM PDT


360 Elite Training is offering a 4 week home based Softball training program for a great price.  See below for more details and how to sign up for this program.

Your CMSA Exec. team


Only a few days remaining until this 4 week  program is released!! $25 dollars a week for individual athletes or Team option for $25 a athletes or four weeks,  up to 14 athletes.The course is being offered at such a low price to support families during this time. This course will be softball school at home as well as training to get the form, motivation and passion  back in the game during this covid crisis, all while staying safe at a social Distance ! More details below.



Current Canadian 2020 Olympic Women’s National Team Player – Larissa Franklin 

Movement Specialist and Holistic Intuitive Health Coach – Stevie Shayler

Speed and agility coaches from pro performance

BC Zone 3 Assistant Coach and RMMSA Lead Hitting Coach – Kelly Stead

And guest appearances from current university level athletes! 


Are you a player, parent or coach looking for a way to keep yourself or someone else engaged in their softball training or maybe provide another voice to help your athlete in their development during this unexpected layoff?

360 Elite Training has an exciting softball opportunity for you to keep your training going while we are all at home with minimal space and resources.  Join our highly trained, diverse group of instructors and guest speakers for a 4 week on-line based softball specific training program unlike anything in Canada.


Dear Valued 360 Elite Training Clients and 360 Elite Training Future Clients,

While we are mandated during this worldwide pandemic to stop our one on one training until further notice, we knew that wouldn’t stop your desire to get better at your sport and find ways to improve your game.  So we needed to find a way to deliver for you, until softball was stopped everywhere you had been training to be ready for this season and we don’t want to see your hardwork over the winter be eroded due to lack of instruction or repetitions.  Our coaching staff at 360 Elite Training decided we needed to provide parents with support for their players to practice good form and do meaningful repetitions, which was why we developed this training program. Sharpening your skills is easier than you think? The key is meaningful repetitions that build the muscle memory to respond instinctively in a game situation and that is why simple repetition practices are so effective for building a successful foundation.

360 Elite Training developed this home training package and sought the advice of experts in many different fields of softball to ensure your player receives the best instruction and guidance.  This training program includes basic and advanced instruction for infielding, outfielding, hitting, slapping and bunting through repetition drills.  Our coaching staff also took into account the game is more than just the physical and the training program will also focus on understanding game terminology and rules, mental focus, nutrition and physical training.  The techniques and drills in this training program will walk your athlete step by step through the drills to practice on their own and develop their skills.  The training program will include options for indoor and outdoor variations, for those families that can practice outside safely together.

The bonus to this training program is that each week a specialty drill will be delivered and a stay in the game mental focus video followed by a journal assignment to be completed by enrolled athletes. Athletes will have the option to submit their weekly online journal assignments for a positive reinforcement prize, and each week an athlete will be named the 360 Elite Training MVP of the week. This award winner will receive a 360 Elite Training shirt, and online recognition with parental approval.

This training program is a 4-week program, and registered athletes are suggested to commit a minimum of an hour a day for 4 days a week, although keen athletes can commit more time to this program by working through every option available. This training program will include guest coaches and knowledge shared from special guests and high-level university, college and National Team athletes.  Material will be delivered each session to the email you used to sign up for this training program, each week a 360 Elite Training MVP will be announced, but more importantly our athletes will stay active in the mentality that softball has instilled in us, and NOTHING can take that from us. Practicing passion and commitment is exactly what our athletes need to get ourselves through this difficult time, by doing what we love, softball.



Katelyn Ross is the Head Coach of the Garibaldi Softball Academy, a partnership between School District 42 and Ridge Meadows Minor Softball Association (RMMSA) to train athletes looking to further their softball career with high level coaching. Katelyn Ross is also the Head Coach of the U12 Ridge Meadows Pride, the defending undefeated Provincial Champions with a 43-0 record, city single season record.  The team competed in three tournaments the previous year and won gold each time.  She was named a Zone 3 Assistant Coach for the 2020 BC Summer Games.

Ross holds NCCP Level 1 and 2 certification and completed the Making Ethical Decisions Course. Katelyn was one of the first RMMSA players to receive a scholarship to compete in Softball and played 2 years for a Division 1 Junior College in Kansas and played 2 years at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, where she completed her degree. Over her career, Katelyn has had many honours bestowed on her including Gold Glove awards and All-Conference Team awards.  Ross also holds Stolen Base and On Base Average records from her time playing in the United States.

Katelyn has continued to play after her high level competitive career was completed and is the current Guinness World Record Holder for most consecutive throw and catches in an hour.  Ross completed the feat with current Canada Women’s National Team player Larissa Franklin, Franklin was set to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics this summer and will make an appearance in this training program.  Ross and Franklin completed 2278 which crushed the previous record of 1200.

Katelyn is a recruiter for over 5 separate Colleges and Universities and has played a roll in sending over 25 girls to school on scholarships.



·   Current Canadian Women’s National Team Player – Larissa Franklin

·   Movement Specialist and Holistic Intuitive Health Coach – Stevie Shayler

·   BC Zone 3 Assistant Coach and RMMSA Lead Hitting Coach – Kelly Stead



Single Participant and Family Pricing

The single participant price for the training program will be $100 for the entire training program.  To sign up multiple siblings the rate for each subsequent sibling will drop by half, what that means for you as a parent … first player $100, second player $50, third player $25 and so on.

Team and Association Pricing

For each coach looking to sign up players you can purchase a coaches’ package for a minimum of 12 players at a cost of $25 per player.  Meaning you enroll your entire team for $300 per team a savings of $900 per team up to a maximum of 14 players per coaches’ package.

For each association looking to register players you can purchase an association package for a minimum of 50 players at a cost of $20 per player.  Meaning you enroll your entire association for $1000 with no maximum cap on players for a massive savings for your association and players.


THIS  4 WEEK PILOT PROJECT WILL BE LIMITED REGISTRATION TO ENSURE MORE ONE ON ONE SUPPORT.  A portion of all funds will be donated to assisting local community members in need during this crisis, if you have someone you would like to nominate please let me know.

For more information please go to the Ridge Meadows Pride 2009 Team Twitter account @RPride2009 to view the promotional video or contact Coach Katelyn Ross at 778-791-1277 or